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How can universities attract the best students?

Aspiring university graduates want more today – than ever before.  The use of technology has driven this perspective into something many administrators struggle to grasp.

[taq]Gone are the days of physical textbooks and outdated theoretical concepts. Now, students are using iPads in their early years and utilize these sources as an extension of themselves.[/taq]

Today, a three-year-old typically has a better grasp of technology than the traditional student did even a generation ago.  Technology is here to stay, and let’s face it – it adds value to our educational system.

There can be infinite uses of the computer and of new age technology, but if teachers themselves are not able to bring it into the classroom and make it work, then it fails. – Nancy Kassebaum

Students focus on 3 things when looking at prospective colleges:

Without these three ingredients, universities are doomed to failure.  And it’s showing…

Since 2016, according to Education Dive, over 120 schools have closed, consolidated, or merged to stay afloat. “Among them are chains such as Brown Mackie College and ITT Technical Institute, which together operated more than 100 campuses across the country, meaning the count of affected locations is much higher.”

There are many variables to the reasons for these closures, but in the end, it boils down to these three ingredients mentioned above.

Students demand technology in the classroom.  Without it, they find other ways of supplementing this need through colleges that do offer these services.

The overall brand of college and how they can relate to the different events connect students to more than just a degree, but an image they will carry throughout their careers.

Programs have evolved for quite some time, and the need for jobs is ever-changing.  Without new programs that embrace technology and analytics that provide insight for students to succeed, institutions are just offering yesterday’s leftovers—a key factor in a college-going under.

It’s vital for a university to offer great customer service, on-demand programs, and technology that can add value to the student’s future career.  These are the ingredients for success.

Christopher Nelson

Dr. Chris Nelson is an experienced lean six sigma master black belt working on projects all over the world including: Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa & North America.

From optimizing efficiency within an organization, strategic planning for the future, or designing a corporate strategy to compete on a global scale, Dr. Nelson continues to lead with innovative and practical strategies proven to succeed in small and large organizations alike.